Spot the Difference

I want to play a game with you.  See if you can spot the difference between the following two scenarios:

It’s my turn for a lie-in so my husband gets up with the children.  This is what he does:

  • Makes himself a brew and gives toddler his milk.
  • Makes breakfast for himself and kids.
  • Watches Sky Sports whilst kids play in the other room.
  • Occasionally tells kids to keep noise down.

It’s my husband’s turn for a lie-in (like today) so it’s my turn to get up with the kids.  This is what I do:

  • Make myself a brew and give toddler his milk.
  • Make breakfast for kids.
  • Make drink for kids.
  • Share my breakfast with three kids that are all trying to sit on my knee.
  • Put Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Victorious/ICarly/other American kids’ drivel on loop for kids.
  • Wash up.
  • Put recycling out.
  • Clean kitchen.
  • Remove toddler from whatever mischief he’s causing x87.
  • Fold dry clothes from tumble dryer and clothes maiden.
  • Put things in washing machine to dry.
  • Wash dog’s bedding.
  • Wash animals’ food bowls.
  • Feed animals.
  • Change toddler’s nappy.
  • Get kids dressed.
  • Clean kids’ teeth.
  • Tidy up.
  • Sweep floor with dustpan and brush.
  • Check/plan writing assignments.
  • Write reminders on calendar.
  • Pin notices onto reminder boards.
  • Blog.

There’s something different about these two lists but I can’t quite put my finger on it… 🙂


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