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I once did an online personality test to discover my ideal job. It didn’t tell me what it was, which is why you lot are being bombarded by my attempts at writing, but it DID tell me that I’m a Spontaneous Idealist.  This means, and I quote, ‘spontaneous idealists need positive feedback and recognition like other people need air to breathe.’

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If you don’t, I’ll drink lots of wine.  Although, to be fair, I’ll probably drink lots of wine anyway.

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  1. Hola CHARLOTTE BROWN : how are you ? i didn’t see you for long time and hope all is fine , all you can after just with three.

    I’m Josep from Riba roja , I live in BCN , and ouir house i RR is near bar Pota , you attent one week for spanish lessons.

    Your father tell me about how is growing your family and even about your blog , I will watch it with love. She is a very nice chap

    when husband an children let you bit if free time have a look into our blog about RR traditions and history, use a translate tool which is in it , just down left. let me know your opinion .

    looking forward share a beer this summer in Pota bar
    Un fuerte abrazo


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