Food, Boring Old Food…

I can’t be the only mum out there that gets bored with planning their family’s meals each week and as my boys are always asking for ‘more’, I was inspired to rewrite this famous song from ‘Oliver’:

Is it worth the planning for?

If I live ’til eighty-four.

Thinking of meals is cru-el!

Ev’ry day I say my prayer –

Given jam butties, will they care?

Still I make the same old fu-el!

There is not a spark, no interest can I find.

Do I bake, do I boil, or grill?

But there’s nothing to stop me from getting pissed off,

When I go to Tesco and imag…ine


Food, boring old food,

Some protein with pasta!

I’m not in the mood –

Fishfingers or pizza!

Shepherd’s pie, anything with mash!

I don’t want to question.

The result of thinking what to cook?



Food, boring old food,

Please, someone else make it.

Slow cooker each day,

My favourite diet!


Can’t picture fish pie again,

Mince, chicken or peas.

Oh food,

Mind-numbing food,

Monotonous food,

Boring old food.


Food, boring old food!

They can’t care what it looks like.




They know what the cook’s like.

Don’t want them growing fat,

Just wish it was easy,

To conjure great meals each day,

Not leaving them queasy.


Food, boring old food!

What wouldn’t I give for,

A buff, live-in chef,

That’s all that I live for.

Why should I be fated to,

Do nothing but brood

On food,

Functional food,

Family food,

Feeling-good food,

Fill-em-up food.


Frustrating food,

Boring old food!

Crazy With Twins


  1. I so know that feeling :0)

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