One of Those Days…

As soon as we came downstairs this morning and found that the puppy had ripped up her new bed and all the stuffing was hanging out, I suspected it might be ‘one of those days’.

I believed it even more when I discovered that our three year old had weed in his pyjamas and when I went to turn on the shower to wash him, it was pointing at me and sprayed directly into my face.  And when I went to adjust the shower-head and it ran down my arm and soaked my clothes, I thought, ‘Yep, I’m right, it is’.

I became sure when I looked in the mirror to discover that my eyes had swollen up from hay fever and were the proverbial ‘piss holes in the snow.’

It was confirmed when our nineteen month old got hold of some of his brother’s Lego (which had been left where he could reach it –  grrr) and was depositing it under our bed and posting it through every gap he could find with a mischievous grin on his face.

When said nineteen month old started splashing in the toilet water moments after he’d been dressed in clean clothes, I just cast my eyes towards heaven as if to say, ‘Are you having a laugh?’

I wasn’t surprised that I couldn’t find coats under the stairs or that the ironing board fell on me as I tried.  Nor was I shocked to discover that the understairs light wasn’t working.  It’s what happens when it’s ‘one of those days.’

I drove into town after the school run and went to the bank…to find, of course, that the cash machine was ‘out of order.’

I made my way back to the car, stepping carefully around the man who was shouting loudly that the stuff that happens in films is real(!).

Coatless and trying unsuccessfully to protect myself from the drizzly rain, I got back to the car, switched on the engine…and the petrol light came on.

Resisting the urge to start shouting loudly in the street myself (well the crazy guy seemed to rate it…), I set off.  I waited (fairly) patiently at every red light, drove (without swearing – much) around the one way system TWICE to try and find a parking space (where one car hadn’t taken up two – double grrr), finally arrived at the shop to get a new battery in my watch…and found that it closes on Wednesdays.

Well derr, of course it does, what else did I expect?  After all, it is ‘one of those days’… 🙂


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