The Wedding Crashers

You could say it’s been an eventful weekend.  We got up at half four on Saturday morning, loaded the kids into the car (still in their pyjamas) and set off to Buckinghamshire for my cousin’s wedding.  Here are the highlights (and lowlights):

  • Pro – we plied the kids with food, drink and toys on the journey so they were relatively well behaved.  Con – they didn’t gently drift back into a peaceful sleep under their fleecy blankets after eating their picnic breakfast.  In other words, they DIDN’T STICK TO THE PLAN.  Why can children NEVER stick to the plan?!
  • Pro – we arrived at the B and B where we were staying at 8am – good, eh?  Con – we could have had an extra two hours’ sleep in our own beds because the wedding wasn’t until 12.30.  Not only that, despite driving around Aylesbury for an hour the children STILL didn’t go to sleep (uncooperative little sods).
  • Pro – it was lovely catching up with family we hadn’t seen for a long time and our three year old asked me to pick him up during the ceremony so he could see ‘the princess’ (bless).  Con – my husband didn’t see any of the ceremony because he had to take our youngest outside to muffle his screaming tantrum.
  • Pro – there was champagne at the reception.  Con – we had to try to drink and not spill the champagne at the reception whilst running around after an escapee toddler.
  • Pro – we were in bed by ten o’clock.  Con – we weren’t alone; our toddler was also in our bed because he wouldn’t settle in the cot and so I had to perch on about three centimetres of mattress all night whilst he spread-eagled across the middle.
  • Pro – we had curtains that were lined and made the room nice and dark.  Con – our three year old woke up at 12.30 and said it was too dark (‘It’s night time!  It’s supposed to be dark!  Close your eyes and go to sleep and then you won’t notice!’)
  • Pro – my husband slept.  Con – my husband snored deafeningly whilst he slept and I couldn’t reach him to thump him because our darling toddler was stretched out between us.
  • Pro – the kids slept soundly in the car on the way back (bloody typical!!).  Con – in my exhausted state I had remind myself that I am the grown up and resist the urge to poke them awake to see how they liked someone stopping THEM from sleeping 🙂


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