Domestic Goddess

Right, I’m getting freaked out now.  I got up at quarter to seven with our nineteen month old and since then I’ve: washed up and cleaned the kitchen, fed the animals (oh, and the children), put the recycling out, emptied the bin and cleaned it, wiped down the kitchen appliances and the door frames, polished downstairs, swept and mopped the floor, mopped the dog’s crate, CLEANED THE TOP OF THE FRIDGE (!), wiped down the leather settees, cleaned the skirting boards, sorted out some paperwork, updated the calendar, sewn a zip back onto a Grobag, cleaned the boys’ trainers (and filled in a scuff mark with a permanent marker), sorted clothes out for a wedding next weekend, pinned reminders to the notice boards, washed all the clothes in the wash basket, sorted and folded the clean clothes and replaced batteries in toys.  (I still can’t bring myself to do any ironing.)

I’m experiencing an entirely unfamiliar, yet not unpleasant sensation; today, Matthew, I’m going to be…a Domestic Goddess!

Better make the most of it, doubt it will happen again anytime soon 🙂

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