Twenty Thirteen

Christmas is over and it’s the start of a brand spanking New Year.  Here’s my tribute to the festive season of 2012 and a look forward to what 2013 will bring:


Goodbye to gluttony and the

Over-indulgence of rich food, the

Over-eating of savoury snacks and

Delicious cheese and biscuits.

Bon voyage to sitting around stuffing

Yule log into full stomachs but

Eager mouths.


Cheers! to cheesy films and alcohol consumed, the

Hangovers that followed and the

Realisation that you have it all to do again

In a very short time.

So long to the Christmas

Tree with its trimmings and

Manic children who’ve consumed too much chocolate and been

Allowed to stay up late.

See ya, Santa (until next year).


So now it’s:


Hello to healthy eating and no

Alcohol for a month.

Paying off credit cards and overdrafts and

Planning for summer holidays to quell the

Yearning for some sunshine.


New projects to be

Entered into, ambitions to be fulfilled and enough

Weight loss and fitness DVD adverts to make your eyes bleed.


Yoga will be considered and rejected but

Exercise will be on everyone’s

Agenda because we all begin a new year with hearty

Resolutions…that we’ll probably only keep for a week.


Happy New Year!  Hope it’s a good one 🙂



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