IMG_0463My toddler is a daredevil, a feisty little chap.

Every day he hurtles round and suffers some mishap.

Yesterday he thought it fun, in just his socks to slide,

On a slippy floor with a table near with which he could collide.

Whilst waiting at the hospital to get his head checked out,

He fell off the waiting room chair and took another clout.

This morning he removed his seatbelt before the car was parked.

I was just pulling into an empty space. ‘Don’t do that!’ I barked.

Then as I applied the brake as carefully as I could,

He flew like shit off a shovel and landed with a thud.

Ignoring my unfeeling laughter he climbed out the car unphased…

Until he lost his footing and his knees once more were grazed.

Thankfully we arrived home safe, without another blip…

Until he balanced precariously and performed a backwards flip.

In the time it’s taken me to blog about this fearless little boy,

He’s run at full pelt, tripped and catapulted over a discarded toy.

He’s spun around on the wheeled chair, thinking it great fun,

Until he spectacularly lost his balance and landed on his bum.

He’s now spinning round upon the spot as fast as he is able,

So I’ll pause to move all obstacles, especially pointy tables.

I don’t expect to see out the day before he gets another bruise,

Especially as I’ve just bought him brand new shiny shoes.

The only way to keep him still without the aid of a straitjacket,

Is to sit him in front of Mickey Mouse, with chocolate by the packet πŸ™‚

Crazy With Twins


  1. He he, my 4yo is like that πŸ™‚

  2. I LOVE this post! Whilst I feel guilty for laughing at your little mans accidents, the way you’ve written it is alive with humour! Absolutely brilliant poem. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hope you don’t mind if I include it in the Britmums Literature roundup?

    Thanks for linking up to #WednesdayWords xx

  3. Great poem!! Your little boy sounds like a right rough n tumbler! Found you on Wednesday Words xx

  4. Gordon Bennett he’s good at it isn’t he? My 5th is my daredevil, but he’s nothing like as bad as my 3rd was! πŸ˜€

    • Oh yes, it’s a very special skill! Maybe it’s 3rd children, then? I’m not having another two to find out how a fifth will compare, you brave lady, you πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your comments, lovely xx

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