The Best Things In Life…

They say that money can’t buy happiness,

that the best things in life are free.

So this half term I’ve entertained without cash,

Mary Poppins’ got nothing on me.

We’ve taken the dog for walks every day,

Wrapped up in gloves and jackets.

We’ve done a blindfolded tasting test,

And baked muffins out of packets.

We’ve watched Kung Foo Panda on DVD,

with hot chocolate and various snacks.

We’ve created a magical, underwater scene,

Out of green moss, stones and knick-knacks.

They’ve been to the park, got lots of fresh air,

Made dens out of old sheets and a table,

Pfft, half term, expensive? I won’t have it, you hear?

It’s just a myth, a fib, a fable.

It didn’t cost a thing when my toddler crouched down,

(Luckily the playground was quiet),

And squeezed out a poo that went right up his back,

Wiping the shit off my hands was a riot.

And does our pre-schooler charge an entrance fee,

For watching his spectacular tantrums?

Of course not!  He’s happy to meltdown for free.

His unique party trick?  Perforated eardrums.

And last but not least, our eldest,

He’s given generously…to the floor,

The contents of his wardrobe and toy box…

Then wound up his brothers up some more.

Snotty noses and whining and arguments,

Won’t cost you a penny or a dime.

They say that what kids want most of all,

Is just some of our precious time.

Now I’ve given them that without spending,

And their happiness is the reward I reap.

But a crate of wine, therapy and a padded cell,

Surely aren’t going to be cheap. 🙂



  1. HaHa! Very funny, but the best part is…it’s so true!
    Loved your blind fold taste testing, might have to try that.

    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids x

  2. I love the way you can see the funny side through the tantrums and meltdowns! Sounds like your eldest and mine would get on well together 😉 Fab poem too #letkidsbekids

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