That Moment When…

That moment when…
  • You send your child to school with Dairylea on his face, don’t have any wipes and for a split second consider using your spit…
  • You feel ridiculously triumphant that you find a pair of matching shoes in the same room.
  • You realise at 8.40am that your child hasn’t done his homework and he has to do it on the way to school.
  • You decide you only need to shave your armpits if you’re wearing something sleeveless.
  • You realise you can’t bounce on a trampoline without having a wee first…
  • You realise your sore throat is from singing too loudly at a toddler group and something dies inside…
  • You put your nose next to your toddler’s bottom and inhale deeply…only to discover they’ve pooed.
  • You put your nose next to SOMEONE ELSE’S toddler’s bottom…and the same thing happens.
  • You patch some the knee of some ‘playing out’ jeans…on the wrong side.
  • You turn on the shower before getting undressed…and it’s pointing straight at you.
  • You start changing a shitty nappy…and the wipes are out of your reach.
  • You start washing up…and realise you forgot to empty drink dregs, left-over cereal milk etc. before you filled up the sink.
  • You’re out, it starts raining and you realise you’ve left out: washing, shoes/toys on the trampoline, the dog…
  • You fanny fart at a yoga class.  What?  Just me, then?
  • You drive onto a rooftop car park with height restrictions and then realise you’ve got a roof box on the top of the car.  Just me again? £320 and many hysterical tears later…
  • Your husband offers to make you a brew when you’re in a birthing pool, in established labour, sucking on gas and air and about to push a little person out of your lady bits…
  • You fall asleep (intoxicated) in your contact lenses and have to wear a pirate patch for three days over Christmas due to a severe eye infection.
  • You’re sitting watching TV after the children are in bed and one of their toys suddenly ‘talks’ to you.


Any of these relatable?  No?  Then what about the ones underneath?


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I’m going to keep adding to this list throughout the day, so if you can think of any more please leave them as a comment and I’ll add them into the post…

  • ‘You think ‘isn’t my 9mo being well behaved’.. only to find him covered head to toe in sudocrem ” @RoseySophia on Twitter.
  • ‘When you realise 1/2 way to school it’s PE day & you’ve forgotten to take pink sparkly nail varnish off 5yo boys toe nails!’ @sarahjarvis79 on Twitter.
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12 thoughts on “That Moment When…”

  1. Carolynne says:

    Hahaha I laughed at these – love these kind of jokes….well they’re not actually jokes lets face it….they are TRUE, sadly!!!!!!! Brilliant xxx

    1. They ARE true, unfortunately. I SO wish they weren’t and I was one of those organised, polished, well-groomed people. Four words: NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Oh well! Thanks for reading hun xx

  2. WallyMummy says:

    lol 😉 yep, yep, yep, yep… *continues nodding for a while the slopes away and cries…*

    1. Ha! Glad I’m not the only one xx

  3. Love it…I like the one about the nappy nose, so undignified (for both parties!) x

    1. It really is, you just do it without even thinking about it! Thanks for reading x

  4. Kate Mcloughlin says:

    You realise that you forgot to collect the sandwich / dog poo bag which you wedged in between a beautiful dry stone garden wall, in a very quaint village, after a drink in the pub!!! Oops!

    1. Lovely, that will smell nice after being out in the sun! So glad it’s not only me that does stuff like that xx

  5. victoria jackson says:

    @distressedhwife your toddler tells you your blond hair isnt beautiful as you have “black on top” and a playgroup full of mums eyes shoot straight to your roots….

    1. Oh dear; don’t you just love their honesty? Not 😉 Thanks for reading x

  6. Awesome – I can relate to all of them!

    1. Thank you, so glad I’m not the only one! xx

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