I Want It Now!

I read some horrible, offensive comments on Twitter last night towards a woman who was breastfeeding her baby in a restaurant.  I can’t stand bullying or narrow-mindedness, but instead of having a rant, I thought I’d rewrite the lyrics to Veruca Salt’s song instead to express what I think about it (like you do):

(Cue music):

I want to feed,

I want to breastfeed.

Free minds, no judgement

and kindness with no sneers so

I don’t have to shed tears.

No, now!

I want a life,

I want acceptance,

to go out for a meal

Not watch Deal or No Deal,

or depressing Ian Beale.

Give it to me now.

Don’t want the world,

No, don’t want the whole world.

Only want to feed nipper just under my zipper,

I won’t flash my puppies.

Give it to me now!

I don’t want stares,

Don’t want your comments.

Please let me go out for tea with my family,

And just let me be.

Just want a choice, about baby’s upbringing,

Yet I’m asked ten thousand questions it seems.

They pester to get all the answers they’re after,

Until I want to scream!

I want to live.

Just live and let live.

Boobies and bottles and dummies and mixed feeds,

None of it matters

At all!

Don’t care how, I want it now!

Don’t care how, I want it now!



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