Baby Brain

Can someone tell me how long Baby Brain lasts, please?  My three year old was booked in for his pre-school injections this morning and even though I had written the appointment in my diary, on the calendar and had pinned the letter up on the board in the kitchen, I still forgot to take him.

I don’t have the excuses of having a newborn (my youngest is nineteen months old) or lack of sleep (all three children are sleeping through, well, most of the time, anyway), so when’s it going to improve?  And is there going to be any break between Baby Brain finishing and dementia starting?  If so, will I even notice?

For years now I’ve been walking into rooms and forgetting what I went in for.  I forget important pieces of information about friends even though I remember having the conversation and know that I was listening carefully.  I have mental blocks on people’s names that I have known for years (so I avoid using them in case I’m wrong) and I put things in a ‘safe place’ and then can’t remember where that place is.

I have monthly disposable contact lenses but never remember what date I’m meant to dispose of them; I get vouchers that I neglect to use before they expire and I forget to reply to text messages or return phone calls on a daily basis.

However, I DO remember telephone numbers for YEARS and pin numbers for cards that have long since expired.  I can accurately pinpoint what year a particular song is from and why it’s that year and I can look at a famous person on television and tell you what else they’ve been in.

What useful, transferable skills for any employer when I return to work; I’ll probably burn down the staff kitchen by forgetting that I have a pan of soup on the hob but I’ll be OK if there’s a four digit code on the exit door, ‘cos I’ll remember that.  If we need a key to get out, though, we’ve had it, because that will probably be in one of my ‘safe places’… 🙂

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