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Distressed Housewife / June 9, 2012

I’m writing my 100th blog post today on our eldest son’s 7th birthday so I’ve written a cheesy poem in his honour (lucky him, eh?):

He has the biggest heart that I have ever known,

But he’ll have a slight lisp until his two front teeth have grown.

He’s unbelievably clumsy and can fall over fresh air.

He is open with his feelings and to hold a grudge is rare.

He always thinks of others and is generous with his stuff,

He wrestles with his Dad and nearly always plays too rough.

He eats every meal as though it’s going to be his last.

The questions that he asks are random and vast.

He is affectionate and funny,

Caring and strong,

He can be a hypochondriac,

And his list of woes is long.

He doesn’t like handwriting but loves Maths and Sciences,

He is loyal to his friends and forms strong alliances.

Some things are ‘awesome’ but many others are unfair,

His brothers often annoy him yet with them he’ll always share.

His enthusiasm is boundless, which we wouldn’t want to quash,

So here’s to our lovely, special son.  Happy Birthday, Josh xxx


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