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Disclaimer: if you’re at all sensitive about bodily functions, please avert your eyes…NOW.

Right, for the rest of you; I’ve got a confession and it ain’t pretty, so prepare yourselves.  This is probably one of those things best kept to myself but I’m so EXCRUTIATINGLY embarrassed about it that I feel I need to share.

Sorry in advance.  Please promise me you won’t look at me any differently after I tell you this?  Actually, on second thoughts, I’m leaving the country and never coming back, so we won’t have to worry about that.

OK, here goes *deep breath* Right, I’m going to tell you.  Please don’t judge me.

I went to yoga last night.  About halfway through we were asked to arch our backs off the floor and put down our spines ‘vertebrae by vertebrae’.  On my way down from the last one, drawing in my pelvic floor like a good girl and concentrating on my breathing, I experienced a sort of internal ‘pop’, akin to when my waters broke with Max.

It was a weird sensation but it didn’t hurt, so I continued the movement, un-phased.  When I’d finished, I slowly manoeuvred onto my knees and as I put one leg forward to push up off one foot, the trapped air that had apparently built up in my ‘front bum’ chose that moment to escape.

That’s right, people; to put it less delicately, I had just ‘fanny farted.’ Loudly. In front of lots of people in a high-ceiled room with very good acoustics.  I know.  The shame.

I’d like to say it only happened once and I could have excused it as a ‘normal’ fart, which under the circumstances would have been much less embarrassing. But no, this was the gift that kept on giving, even with the tiniest of movements.

THREE TIMES.  I fanny farted, in the middle of a yoga class, THREE TIMES.

The polite fellow yoga-goers didn’t so much as bat an eyelid during their ‘Downward Dogs’, but I knew people had heard.  They couldn’t have avoided hearing it.  It had echoed, ricocheting off the walls.  I wanted to pretend it wasn’t me.  But they KNEW.

‘Let’s do the Warrior!’ the Yoga instructor announced enthusiastically.  Let’s f***ing not, I thought, knowing that the move involves the potentially disastrous combination of placing legs akimbo and then bending and stretching to the side.

‘OK, now put the left leg down and STRRRRETCH your right leg into the air.’  You’ve GOT to be kidding me.  Do I have to?

‘Relax and concentrate on your breathing.’  Relax?  Relax?  Did you not just hear that?  My fanny couldn’t possibly BE any more relaxed.  It just exhaled of its own accord!

‘OK, and gently rock backwards and forwards, gently massaging your tailbone.’  F***ing hell, it’s going to turn into a symphony.  I’ll be on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ next year as the woman who can play tunes through her fanny.

I don’t WANT that to be my talent!

‘OK, it’s time for relaxation.’  Thank f*** for that, no more moving.

‘Just concentrate on your body, in this room, here and now.  We’ve all got worries and troubles but we’re going to let them melt away.’

Easier said than done, my friend.  Show me one other person that’s just trumpeted through her vagina in a completely silent room in the company of strangers.  Right.  So don’t talk to ME about worries and troubles… 🙂

Included as part of the lovely Actually Mummy’s ‘Wot So Funee?’ linky.

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7 thoughts on “Embarrassing Bodies”

  1. Oh my goodness, I cried reading that. Partly through laughter, but partly through empathy knowing that THAT could happen to anyone of us. Well done you for persevering through class!

    1. Thank you, I’ve cried a few times over it too… Thanks, I just didn’t make eye contact for the rest of it; I was like a small child – ‘if I don’t look at you, then you can’t see me’. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

    1. Thank you for the link x

  2. *snigger*

    I used to love yoga, I must look up a class near me…as long as laughing out loud at front bottom burps is allowed… 😀

    1. Absolutely; so is blogging about it for the world to see. I officially have no dignity left 😉

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