Down to Earth

THUD!  That would be us crashing back down to earth after our holiday, then; the rain is p***ing down, our three year old has dropped the I Pad and cracked the screen in three places, our seven year old got back from our walk yesterday bursting for the loo, ran upstairs and traipsed dog s**t behind him on every step, our oven hob has blown up again (so looks like slow cooker casseroles and pizza for the next week), the kids are squabbling and winding each other up, I have a tottering mountain of washing still to do, the dog has chewed the collar and tail off our three year old’s Thomson the Dog and our twenty month old has just come shuffling in wearing one of my husband’s flip flops (the other is being chewed by the puppy – serves him right, he should have moved them) and holding a part of the printer that I very much doubt is meant to come off.

Oh well, at least it’s nearly weekend, the weather is supposed to be OK for the next couple of days and it’s only eight hours until wine time.  Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy! 🙂

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