Boys Will Be Boys

Living with boys means:

  • You have to think of a wide variety of powers you would choose if you were a super hero, ranging from flying to being able to choose what your trumps smell of.
  • Watching Ben 10 and Young Justice (about super heroes, naturally) and say they are ‘well cool’ and ‘awesome’ in an as American-like accent as you can muster.
  • Tolerating accidental headbutts and kicks as they climb on your knee for countless cuddles and kisses and expect them to hurtle themselves at you and wrestle you to the floor at any given moment.
  • Being subjected at all hours of the day to half dressed individuals who don’t like wearing pants in the house.
  • Offering reassurrance that ‘morning glory’ is natural and nothing to be embarrassed about but then have them laughing uproariously the day after when they realise the twenty month old baby suffers from the same affliction when he has his nappy changed first thing in the morning.
  • Enduring endless running up and down and sliding on the wood floors (just because they can) when you’re trying to watch your favourite programme.
  • Constant references to wee, poo, willies and boobies.
  • Having to utter sentences like, ‘Don’t wrap the blanket around his neck, please.’  ‘No, don’t sit on his head, he doesn’t like it.’  ‘Get down from the windowsill, you’ll hurt yourself.’

And that’s just my husband… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys”

  1. cath hall says:

    Hi Lottie, This all sounds so familiar. I love it! xx

    1. I know; relentless but fun, isn’t it?! xx

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