Three Years, Four Months and Three Days

He has a dimply smile and gorgeous brown eyes,

Each day with Max is a veritable surprise.

He asks, ‘Are you happy or sad?’ ten thousand times a day,

But amongst other children, he is just content to play.

He tells us he’s a ‘big boy’, but won’t poo on the loo,

He loves his friends lots and has a generous heart too.

He’s the tickliest boy in the world, especially under his chin,

But when he has a tantrum, I need to hit the gin.

He eats Golden Nuggets, and wiggles his bum when he runs,

But when he’s in a mood, he could test the patience of nuns.

He has an infectious giggle and many a good idea,

But that he’ll drive me to insanity, is a very tangible fear.

He is friendly to everyone and says things are ‘well nice’,

But I wonder if I put him on Ebay, would he bring a good price?

He uses his manners and is gentle with others,

Well everyone that is, except for his brothers.

He wants to be independent and says ‘stinky’ a lot,

But having spectacular meltdowns, doesn’t bother him a jot.

He’s sociable, funny, bright and kind,

Loveable, affectionate, with an inquisitive mind.

He’s adventurous and lively, wise but moody.

At least when I’m with him, I don’t feel broody!

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