Tea Time

Typical 6 o’clock scenario with a tired pre-schooler; tea’s been on the table for an hour and he’s still ‘eating’ it (read messing about).  Then he ‘accidentally’ drops his plate on the floor so that the puppy can eat the rest of it.  Then he cries for the tea that’s now in the dog.  Then he tells me two hundred times that he wants his tea (even though he’s had an hour to eat it) and another two hundred times that he wants to be a ‘big boy’ (no smutty jokes here, please).  Then he works up into a screaming frenzy and I calmly ask him to sit down.  He doesn’t.  I put him in time out upstairs where he screams some more.  Then when he calms down he comes downstairs and asks me, ‘Are you happy or are you sad, Mummy?’.  Tough one – I’m actually really p****d off but I can hardly say that to a three year old, now can I?!
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