My Sagittarian Sunshine


Three years ago today, Zachary, my little Sagittarian ray of sunshine, made his appearance in the world.  As I held him in my arms after scooping him from the birthing pool, I fell instantly and utterly head over heels in love with him…and he absolutely bawled his eyes out in protest.  My first thought (after ‘thank f*** he’s the last, I don’t think my vagina could stand another battering like that’) was that here was a child who wouldn’t be afraid to speak his mind.

According to, Sagittarians are:

  • ‘Truth-seekers and wanderers’…and don’t I know it.  There’s a reason I got his star sign tattooed on my stomach when he was about eighteen months old – it was to be a permanent reminder of just how much of a wanderer/escape artist he was.  To this day he’s still obsessed with doors and gates to see if they’re open but at least he’s stopped making a run for it every time he senses freedom.
  • Sagittarians ‘like to feel free and easy’ which is possibly why Zach has an aversion to clothes.  They feel ‘knowledge is key’ which is probably why his favourite phrase is ‘I do it myself, Mummy’ and why he has a complete melt-down if I unlock the door, mop the floor, unlock the car, put his seat-belt on, turn on the taps, make him a drink…you get the idea.
  • ‘Straight-forward’ is a good way to describe Zach – what you see is what you get.  Zach is also the world’s most affectionate child, even more so than my other two boys.  He cuddles and kisses constantly…arms, hands, shoulders, lips, cheeks, knees, forehead…whatever part of you he can reach at that particular moment.  He often decides he wants to kiss me when I’m in the middle of a conversion, putting his little hands gently on my cheeks…then wrenching my head in his direction so he have my unwavering attention.
  • Zach’s ‘great sense of fun’ is always near the surface; he giggles with that childish abandon that is so infectious that if it could be bottled we would be millionaires.  He can tantrum with the best of them, too and is partial to a good old-fashioned scream.  However, after being ignored for a while he will pronounce, with tears running down his cheeks and snot pouring from his nose, ‘Better now, Mummy’ and continues as though nothing has happened.
  • He is stubborn and will stand up for himself and certainly doesn’t lack confidence but his ‘generous nature’ makes him quick to forgive, apologise and tell people, ‘Never mind, it doesn’t matter.’  His manners are impeccable but his star sign can bugger off, I’m taking credit for those.  The cutest is ‘you’re welcome’ when anyone says ‘thank you’.
  • Zach hates to see others upset asking, ‘You alright?’ and kissing them and stroking them like a pet until they say they are…or fight him off.
  • Zach is most definitely ‘a pleasure to be around’.  He lights up our lives every day with his sunny nature and endearing ways.  I wouldn’t change a single hair on his beautiful, mischievous little head.

Happy birthday my gorgeous, special boy.  I love you with all my heart.



  1. awww honey what beautiful post, ok maybe not the visual description of your battered vagina! lol lol ..

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

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