Boom! I’ve done five sober weekends and I’m feeling really proud;

Now I’m counting down ’til Friday when to drink wine I’m allowed.

Generous people have been sponsoring me to get through Sober October

And in four short days my abstinence will be well and truly over.

In order to get through this tricky time as a self-confessed utter lush,

I’ve exercised, kept occupied and shoved cake into my mush.


I’ve found that my body doesn’t go into shock if sparkling water I drink,

And I’ve discovered a smugness in no hangover and a clear head to think.

I’ve made arrangements each weekend to do something that would be fun,

To replace the usual consumption of booze until my time was done.

In raising money for Macmillan I feel this sober lark has done me good,

Because it’s given me focus and a challenge and shown me that I could.


In addition my career has changed this month to one in marketing and IT.

I’m once again able to wear smart clothes and do something just for me.

In my new job I’ve been made welcome, to feel once again part of a team,

To feel valued, get out of these four walls and at last pursue my dream.

After over two years as a stay-at-home-mum it feels great to use my brain,

To sit with purpose in the evenings whilst from having a tipple I abstain.


I’ve had two interviews for another job and OK I didn’t get through…

But I thrived on the experience and got down to the final two.

I’ve still done all the important stuff, like carving pumpkins with my little boys

And watching them with a catalogue excitedly choosing their Christmas toys.

They’ve had parties galore and stuff on at school and homework to complete;

It’s just the arguments that always abound that make sobriety such a feat.


I’ve had date nights with my hubby which took more imagination,

Than sitting in front of the telly box with little or no conversation.

We’ve been out for a meal and eaten our body-weight in Italian food,

And went to the cinema on a Friday, making alcohol easier to preclude.

Last week I made the decision to participate in a 10K run;

I thought I might as well punish myself whilst I’m living like a nun.

To my surprise I enjoyed the race in a perverse and weird way,

And reaching the finish in a reasonable time really made my day.


So here I am, five weekends down and four days left to go;

I’d really love to get to the end and have something worthwhile to show.

So if you think it’s an accomplishment for a month to stay firmly off the pop,

Then please, please, PLEASE sponsor me, you lovely, lovely lot 😉



  1. OOMG check you out, not content with staying off the wine your racing too!! .. your my hero!!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  2. well done you – you’re a far better woman than I am!!! #magicomoments

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