Positive Mental Attitude


Perspective is what I’ve been given a healthy dose of this weekend by spending time with

Optimistic people who stay not only strong but positive in the face of adversity.  They

Smile through the tears and find a funny side even when there doesn’t appear to be one.  I’m

Inspired by my friend who has been told she has breast cancer.  She’s not bitter, just

Thankful that it’s been discovered early and she’s started to fight it.  She’s not a victim, she

Intends to kick its butt with a smile on her face.  She’s effectively giving cancer the

V-sign by being her usual bubbly self and just getting on with it, even during our

Eventful Saturday evening, when her husband was unexpectedly taken to hospital…

Mental.  A good word to describe Saturday night which found us trundling up and down in

Elevators trying to locate my friend’s husband, laughing at the absurdity.  We should have been

Nibbling on homemade tapas and celebrating my friend’s excellent prognosis, not piling up

Tupperware with said tapas to take to her husband’s ward.  It then sat and cruelly taunted him

As he was nil-by-mouth.  Did they get upset? No, they compared his ‘n’ hers injection sites; as

Laughter is the best medicine, that’s what they chose, along with morphine for his pain.

A backless gown that nearly flashed his bum had us in fresh fits of giggles, even after being

Told that he needed to stay in overnight for tests.  Did they complain or make a fuss? Did

Tempers flare, even just a little bit?  No, not in the slightest, not even when he was told not to

Ingest the merest sip of water until the doctor had seen him.  A bank holiday weekend of

Tests and hospital food hasn’t dampened the spirits of these amazing friends.  They are a

United front, strong together with their gorgeous daughter and the love that binds them,

Determined to stay positive, even with more than their fair share of shit times.  Setting an

Example to the rest of us, or to me at least, that a bit of PMA goes an awfully long way.

Crazy With Twins

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