I am Me

I am me

Since taking time out of teaching I’ve been asked loads of times what I do.  I always get a bit panicky when asked this question because at the moment I’m a…dun, dun, duuunnnn: Stay At Home Mum.  I know.  The shame.  I obviously sit on my arse all day eating biscuits and watching daytime TV then.  Errr, no, actually.  But there’s the stigma.

So when I saw a post by Rachel at Three Years and Home about how she’s ‘more than just a mum’, I thought I’d jump on her bandwagon and do a little acrostic ‘poem’ on the theme:

DISASTEROUS at finding my way.  Anywhere.  Even places I’ve been to before.

Impatient – you know Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory?  I Want It Now?  That’s me, that is.

Sarcastic.  I know, lowest form of wit, blah, blah.  Don’t care.  I’m sarcastic TO MY BONES and I LOVE IT.

Trying to be organised but usually failing.  Miserably.  I’m talkative, too.

Restless.  I enjoy being with my children, feel blessed for the opportunity but want something for myself, too.

Exasperating, explosive, earnest, emotional but hopefully entertaining.

Seeing the funny side of life for 80% of the time…

Stressed out OF MY HEAD for the other 20%.

Eating healthily to combat some of the effects of excessive wine drinking.

Drinking too much wine (obvs.) but with good reason (3 kids.  ‘Nuff said).


Honest.  Sometimes to a fault but I don’t lie (unless the truth will hurt someone’s feelings).

Outgoing in large groups, enjoy interviews, presentations, public speaking…and all the stuff that other people usually hate.

Unwaveringly loyal to my friends (love ’em, I do) and unable to handle people being upset or embarrassed.

Shy…with small groups of people I don’t know.  Honestly.  Sweaty palms, mind blank, self-conscious.  I can’t do small talk.

Energetic – I speed walk everywhere and I’m always in a rush, whether I need to be or not.  And I don’t relax.  Ever.

Wear my heart on my sleeve.  I’ve learnt that although it gets you hurt at times it ultimately wins you the best relationships.

Increasingly comfortable in my increasingly sagging, age 36 skin.

Fun?  I hope so.  Funny ha ha?  I try.  Funny peculiar?  Definitely.

Entirely belong to my children, heart, mind and soul.  Oh, and I love my husband, too. 🙂


Why are you ‘more than just a mum’?

Also linking up with Emma over at Crazy With Twins for Wednesday Words xxx

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  1. We’re exactly the same age so I also have skin that I don’t particularly like but am becoming more and more comfortable in. Thanks for joining up with this. It’s been great reading everyone’s posts. We all have being mums in common but are very different.

  2. This poem is a brilliant idea! I love it that you’re ‘increasingly comfortable in your 36 year old skin’! I am getting nearer to that point…although 41 year old skin really isn’t nice at all! Just written my post and added you to my blog roll too – can’t believe I had never read your blog before!

    • Hi, thank you. I need to go on now and read everybody else’s and then add people to mine, too. I’m a bit rubbish for that even though I love reading other blogs. Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  3. What a really fab poem! x

  4. Just sitting down to read all these #notjustamum posts. They are all fab but I am quite jealous of your creativity in coming up with a poem!

  5. Great poem and great to show us a little bit more of you identity. Thanks for linking up to #WednesdayWords xx

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