My Baby

I lay with my baby, breathing him in.

Foreheads together, skin-to-skin.

The sweetest of breath, the gentlest of snores;

Long curling eyelashes, most perfect of pores.

Cherubic of mouth and a cute button nose,

Arm around my neck, tickling my leg with his toes.

I observed him quietly, in wonder and awe;

I tried to be objective but perfection I saw.

Dimpled knuckles and chubby knees,

I just wanted this moment in time to freeze.

Feeling too hot and with my arm going numb

I lay still as a statue and stroked his hair with my thumb.

I didn’t move a muscle, although I needed a wee;

All I wanted was to lay there, just my boy and me.

A product of hubby and me but a person all of his own

I can’t believe he’s all mine; surely he’s only on loan?

How quickly the time’s flown, really, how can it be,

That my baby lying with me has already turned three?


Prose for Thought


  1. Gorgeous. I wish I’d taken time to appreciate the moment when my kids were young…I worried too much that I wasn’t doing right…and now I’ve realised there’s no right, just good enough!

  2. Oh my. Beautiful words. Been there myself. We blink and they change don’t they? Still love our babies as much, if not more than the day they were born though don’t we? Lovely work.

  3. Make the most of your baby, they grow up oh so fast.

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