We’re still basking in the humiliation of reading a story recommended by the health visitor called, ‘Poo Goes Home to Pooland’ to our three year old in a bid to get him to poo on the toilet.  We tried to make it fun, interactive and interesting and he seemed to enjoy it.

We told him that ‘Poo is very shy with people’ and that ‘Poo just wants to go home’ so he can ‘tell poo jokes and play poo games.’  We explained that Poo may sometimes ‘tickle bottoms and ‘burp’ when he is ready to go home’.  Then we turned around and said, ‘So, are you going to send your poo home to Pooland, then?’.  ‘No’, he replied, ‘I don’t like pooing on the toilet.  Is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on telly?’.


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  1. I think scare tactics may be in order next 😉 x

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