Isn’t It Annoying When…

Isn’t it annoying when…

  • The toilet roll isn’t perforated all the way along and you have to tear the last bit.
  • You hard boil an egg and when you peel it, half of it is missing because it’s leaked out through a tiny crack in the shell.
  • It looks like there’s sellotape on the roll, but when you come to wrap a present, there’s actually only about two centimetres left before it goes onto the cardboard.
  • You struggle to open a packet of crisps or sweets for ten minutes and then it suddenly gives and explodes all over the floor.
  • You open a tin of tuna but you’ve left a tiny part of the lid intact, too narrow for the naked eye to see, so that when you drain the brine off it squirts all over your clothes.  (Mmm, fish, always a good smell).
  • You try to peel some clingfilm off the roll and use the cutter to neatly remove a piece, but instead it all peels off in tiny bits.  You try to find the end and get one smooth layer but then you go onto the layer underneath, over and over again…and then they all stick together and aren’t fit for use anyway.
  • You open a tube of cream or toothpaste and it carries on squeezing from the last time you used it.
  • You buy a gift and spend the next twenty minutes trying to peel off the ‘removable’ label that has the price on.
  • You open a ‘resealable’ packet and realise that it’s never seen resealing because either the packet tears, or the label sticks to iteslf, or it was never really adhesive in the first place.

You must have loads more of these.  Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what they are (just so I know I’m not the only one that gets wound up by the small things!) 🙂

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