About Me



Hi, I’m Charlotte, the ‘Distressed Housewife’.  I’m a thirty-six year old wife and mother of three boisterous boys aged eight, four and two years.  I’ve left my former career as an English teacher to concentrate on motherhood and freelance writing.  If I’m honest, though, I also devote quite a lot of time to blogging, tweeting and drinking wine, too.

I’m more of a ‘Slummy Mummy’ than a ‘Stepford Wife’; I’m not naturally gifted in all things domestic and find the juggling act of kids, husband and work sometimes stressful but more often amusing which is why I’ve created this blog.

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Thanks for reading; I really hope my blog makes you smile and brightens your day, even by just a smidgeon.  If it does, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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